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Reiki Healing Angels
Healing through the Love of Divine Energy
Kim Huston
  Reiki Master 
Advanced Level IET Practioner​ 

It's about Love.....

Its all about love, peace and ASCENSION on Earth and I am just trying to do my part. We are all one, all  fragments of God living a human experience, in a body, in this time and space on this planet. Our human selves need divine healing. Our energy bodies need to be aligned, balanced, harmonized and enlightened. We need to lift each other up in the ways in which we are spritually led to do. I currently offer a few ways to help with that, and will be continually adding to these modalities in whatever way my spirit is called to next.  I truly believe that we dont find things by mistake. If you are reading this there is a reason you were led here in this particular lifetime, right here and now. I would be delighted to assist you on your spiritual journey. May we grow, heal, evolve and ascend together.

I look forward to serving you. Namaste'