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Reiki Healing Angels
Healing through the Love of Divine Energy
Kim Huston
  Reiki Master 
Advanced Level IET Practioner​ 


Powerful transformation can occur for us when we practice meditation on a REGULAR basis. When we quiet the mind, using intention, visualization, and sound, we are facilitating huge blessing for ourselves and others. These blessings come in the form of healing, forgiveness, insight, manifestation and deep connection to the divine and our higher selves. Not to mention more peace, less worry. More love, less fear.

In a group setting, this can be even more beneficial. It makes sense, right? Not only for those present, but for those we love and for the world. The frequency of love knows no distance or barrier.

(Google meditation experiements to see how powerful it actually is!)

Now holding small group meditations bi-monthly. Space is limited. Please sign up at

Suggested donation $10